A 3 day celebration of fans of the hit show 'Outlander' with Sam Heughan, Lotte Verbeek (pictured) and many more...

We celebrate the terrifying legacy of Hannibal Lecter, with the worlds only event dedicated to the fans of Bryan Fuller's amazing TV series with Hugh Dancy and more...

A 3 celebration for fans of the hit series 'The 100' featuring Eliza Taylor, Henry Ian Cusick and others...

Upcoming Events

  • 24-26 February, 2017
    Venue: TBC
    Guests: Hugh Dancy, Aaron Abrams, Scott Thompson

  • April 7th to 9th 2017
    Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow
    Guests:Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, Zach McGowan, Dichen Lachman, Erica Cerra

  • G7

    28-30 April 2017
    Renaissance Hotel Heathrow
    Guests:Noah Guthrie, Billy Lewis Jnr, Joey Richter, Nick Lang, Dylan Saunders, Lauren Lopez, Jamie Lyn Beatty

  • Miracle Day 4
    14 - 15 April 2017
    Radisson Blu Heathrow
    Guests: Eve Myles, Naoko Mori, Gareth David Lloyd, Ian Gelder
  • 2nd to 4th June 2017
    Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool>
    Guests: Paul Blackthorne

  • Highlanders 2
    25-27 August, 2017
    Venue: Norbreck Castle Hotel, Blackpool
    Guests: Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, Lotte Verbeek, Finn Den Hertog, Steven Cree, Grant O'Rourke, Stephen Walters

  • September 29th to October 1st 2017
    Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow.

  • 01-03 December 2017
    Venue:Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow
    Guests: TBA