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The Guests

We'll be welcoming a selection of guests from the TV series Torchwood to this event, and they'll be participating in guest talks, autograph and photo sessions, meet and greets and much more. Please note that all advertised guests are confirmed, but appear subject to their professional availability.

Eve MylesEve Myles portrays Gwen Cooper on Torchwood, a police-woman who witnesses Captain Jack at work, after investigation she discovers that he and his team are Torchwood - alien hunters. Despite her memories being wiped Gwen is lead back to Torchwood, and she joins the team. After Jack leaves, Gwen becomes the leader of Torchwood at the beginning of season two. Gwen's tumultuous relationship with Jack and secrets of Torchwood lead her into an affair with Owen; but she later marries her long-term partner Rhys.

Eve also appeared in Doctor Who in 2005, playing Gwyneth in The Unquiet Dead - and then later crosses over with her fellow Torchwood team for the 2008 season finale where the Doctor notes a remarkable connection between the two. Eve has also appeared in the BBC Wales drama Belonging, and done a guest appearance on the 2008 BBC series Merlin. More recently she appeared in The Baker Boys, and took the lead role in the prime time series Frankie, before being cast in You Me And Them.

Gareth David LloydGareth David Lloyd played the role of Ianto Jones, a somewhat private character, whom none of the Torchwood team really know all that well. As the series progressed Ianto became a more integral part of the team, and felt that the captain needed him. The character crossed over into season four of Dr. Who for the two episodes The Stolen Earth & Journey's End to aid in the fight against the Daleks. Gareth has made guest appearances on The Bill, Casualty and Warehouse 13, and was a regular on Holby City. He also appeared in the TV movie Red Faction: Origins and as Dr Watson in the film Sherlock Holmes.