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These events aren't just about seeing the actors and getting photos and autographs. We try to create a dynamic social environment for fellow fans to get to know each other, so on each night of the event we'll be holding a disco for you to let you hair down, have some fun, and party with the other fans.

We'll be hosting a themed party each night. Dressing up isn't compulsory, just come as you feel comfortable, and the themes are only there for fun.

Friday Night Party Theme:
Kings Landing Royal Wedding Whether it be Starks marrying Lannisters; Lannisters marrying Tyrells; or Tyrells marrying Baratheons, there is nothing like a Royal Wedding to cheer up the miserable citizens of Kings Landing! It's also a great excuse to show off the latest in fashion!

Saturday Night Party Theme:
The Red Wedding Nobody knows how to celebrate the union of a man to a woman than the people of the north. Prepare to celebrate with plenty of food and drink; you may even need to find a tree if you're having too much fun! And under the watchful eye of Lord Walder Frey, you can enjoy his bountiful hospitality without any unpleasant surprises.

Sunday Night Party Theme:
Dothraki Wedding When it come to going wild with the celebrations and turning a wedding into a crazy party like the Dothraki hose lords. Eat, drink and be merry as you celebrate your clansman's good fortune. Just be on your guard not to spill your drink on anybody, or it could turn violent quickly; a wedding with less than 3 deaths is considered a dull affair!


Cosplay is a very important and popular part of any Starfury fans. For the uninitiated, cosplay (short for costume play), is dressing up as your favourite character. It's great fun for those doing, some who show tremendous skill in costuming, and fantastic for everybody else as we get to witness these fabulous creations.

While Cosplay has been a popular part of all of our events, Game Of Thrones fans have taken it to a new height of excellence, and the quality of the costumes on display at our previous event was breathtaking. I think. On the Saturday evening we'll be having a Costume Competition. A chance for fame and kudos for all cosplayers. The guests will act as judges, awarding prizes to those whose efforts they deem to be the best. Whether a participant or viewer, this is always the highlight of any event and lots of fun.

The Costume Competition will take place from 8:00pm on the Saturday evening. If you'd like to take part, let them know at the registration desk before 6:00pm.